Summerproof your curly hair with a celebrity stylist’s expert tips

Ahh the joys of summer hair! Shrinkage, frizz and big, big, volume — not in the good way. If you have curly hair you know that life all too well. While we want to let our curls flourish and be free during the summer, the sun, humidity, and chlorine from lazy pool days can leave our twists worse for wear.

This is a time to lean on some expert advice. We reached out to celebrity stylist Janet Jacksonwho has coiffed the curls of Keshia Chante, Kreesha Turner and many more. Freshly back from Essence’s beauty carnival, the Maui Moisture ambassador, salon owner and curly hair pro shares how to get the best out of your curls this summer.

First, really get to know your curls

“Every curl type has different needs,” says Jackson. “By figuring out what your curl type is, you will understand what products and techniques to use in order to get your best curl.”

Getting a good grasp of what curl type you have is easier said than done, because our hair actually changes, for example, if you’ve gone through some type of hormonal change (like pregnancy). Summer may be the only time some let their natural curls flow, making it the ideal time to get to know your curls again and properly assess your curl pattern.

Jackson says a good place to start is to reference the curl type chart, to help you identify your curls. Originally created by Andre Walker (Oprah’s hair stylist) this chart breaks down curls into types and subtypes. The chart has been updated over time to add a 4C category; you’ll also see versions starting with 4C as many in the natural hair community say the original promotes a kind of hair hierarchy, elevating straighter hair. Newer charts also often include real-life examples of each curl type. Jackson notes that it’s quite common for people to fall into more than one category.


Hair porosity is your hair’s ability to absorb moisture, and to hold on to it. Regardless of whether your hair is porous or not, the summer heat tends to suck moisture from hair… which leads to the dreaded shrinkage! Not to mention dry, dull, crunchy locks that are more prone to breakage. Jackson says that curls need serious hydration to keep them healthy, especially if you’re mainly doing wash-and-go routine. After drenching your strands make sure you’re using the right products to add moisture. “To do so you need ingredients like glycerin and agave nectar — ideally in a deep conditioner or a mask; use it once a week, or once every 2 weeks to smooth, heal and quench your curls.” Pay close attention to the top of your head as it tends to get the frizziest. Another tip from Jackson, for when you’re refreshing curls: “put a few drops of your favourite oil into your spray water bottle. This will soften the water so it doesn’t dry out your hair.”

…and seal in moisture

Adding moisture is one thing but with all this summer heat, how do we prevent water loss? To seal in adequate levels of moisture in your hair, Jackson says to use oils. “Conditioning agents, ingredients like Shea butter, coconut oil, macadamia oil, are key.” They help with moisture retention, soften curls and reduce frizz! “Look for something light enough to use daily if needed like Maui Moisture’s coconut milk spray.”

For more defined curls this summer, Jackson recommends the following product types for each category: curl mousse or creams for 2a – 2c; curl creams or light gels for 3a-3c, curl gels or butters for 4a-4c.

Final word on summer styling and maintaining curly hair

As a final note Jackson stresses that we should not try to achieve someone else’s curl; rather, that we should love our hair and aim to get the best of our curls. “Be prepared to experiment with different products. When testing the efficacy of a product, use it individually, don’t mix it with other products, so you can see if it really works for you. Be sure to take hair notes of the results!”

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Elle Canada – 4 Hair Secrets from Toronto Hairstylist Janet Jackson

Bangstyle Winning

Excellence In Service Interviews Celebrity Hairstylist, Janet Jackson

Full name:  Janet Jackson

Location:  375 Royal York Road, Toronto, Canada

Current title & Company:  Owner and CEO of  JouJou Hair Studio Inc.

Educational background: Certified Hairstylist for over 15 years

What was your first service related job, and how did you land it? Take us through your career bio.

I started out assisting in a salon many years ago part-time while I was going to college for (Social Work). This job consist of light duties such as answering the phone, washing hair and assisting other hairstylists that worked in the salon.  Next thing I knew… I had MY very own clientele.  Growing up I never planned to become a hairstylist…so it was a career I just happened to fall into, and instantly fell in love with.  It was then that I decided to go to George Brown College. I completed their Cosmetology Program and got my Hairstylist  License.

As for the celebrity/industry part of my career… I first started out by assisting one of my mentors, Buster Berkley. I started working in his salon later in my career as a hairstylist.  At the time Buster was working with celebrities and he also worked on many photo shoots, music videos..etc too.

Once I got a taste of the “Industry” part of hairstyling… That was it! I knew this career could go anywhere, and sky’s the limit!!

During this time I then got myself signed up with an agency (Plutino Group) that represented other hairstylists, makeup artists, etc.. for projects such as magazines, photo shoots, television and so forth.

Since then my work has been featured in various magazines such as Elle Canada, FASHION, Flare and Wedding Bells. I have worked on television shows, commercials, Short Films and Music Videos.

I have had the opportunity to work  closely with celebrities at the JUNO’s, BET Hip Hop Awards and MMVA’s. I have been featured as a Beauty Expert on City Line, How to Look Good Naked Canada and Much Music’s DisBand.  Worked on So You Think You Can Dance Canada;  as the lead hairstylist for Canada’s Next Top Model and Iman’s personal hair stylist for Project Runway Canada.

Aside from working with one of the world’s most recognizable supermodels, I have had the pleasure of  working with Celebrities such as Usher, Miguel, Rita Ora, Keshia Chante, Pussycat Dolls, Kreesha Turner, Tracy Moore, Rosario Dawson, Fergie, Deborah Cox, and much more.

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W Dish: Keshia Chante’s Top 10 Hair Tips For Mixed Chicks

Hair can be a sense of joy or even pain, especially when it’s difficult to maintain and style. It can really rock your emotions. Everyone has had some horror hair story or another, or at the very least, a very bad hair day, and it can negatively affect your confidence and your sense of self.

And that especially rings true for bi-racial girls. (Hello to all my mixed chicks out there!)

Growing up, I didn’t feel like there was enough information out there about mykind of hair. For the longest time I thought I was too different, and my hair was a real sore spot in my early teens. There are so many things I wished I learned at a young age. Unfortunately, some of those lessons came the hard way—for example, cutting my hair, texturizing it at the same time as dyeing it or being indecisive, switching from blonde to black like a crazy lady.

This year, I accomplished my goal of getting luscious, long beautiful hair the natural way. If you’re a mixed chick like me (hey girl!) and simply just want healthy happy hair, then this article is definitely for you.

I’ve brought my lifelong hair technician, celebrity hairstylist and founder of JouJou Hair Studio, Janet Jackson, to help write this article so I can share both my own personal experience and her expertise.

There aren’t very many places to get information for us—so thank you to W Dish for giving me the platform to share some of these hard to find gems with all of you! xo

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I started wearing my hair in an Afro last spring, after 15 years of fighting its natural texture with chemicals and hot tools. For a while, I luxuriated in the time saved (my straightening routine ate up two hours a week), but lately I’ve been suffering from the beauty version of “I have nothing to wear.”

So I called on hair whiz Janet Jackson to teach me her no-heat updo ways. The owner of JouJou Hair Studio in Etobicoke, Ont., Jackson has worked with Rita Ora and Keshia Chanté, and she was lead hairstylist on Drake’s “Hotline Bling” video. As it turned out, I had two big surprises in store: 1. The styles were way easier than they looked, and 2. They made me feel invincible.

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Cityline Guest Expert: Janet Jackson


Janet Jackson
Hair Stylist

Janet Jackson has made a name for herself. Her years of experience with clients has made her an industry favourite, naturally drawing people with her warm and caring character.

With over 15 years in the industry, Janet takes pride in transforming her clients into the best versions of themselves; and as a stylist that works with all hair types and textures. She believes hair barriers are meant to be broken. Janet uses her craft to help people understand the creative potential of hair. When Janet’s not on set, she can be found at her salon, JouJou Hair Studio.

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